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Original! This app turns your iPhone/iPod into an audiphone, microphone and even a loudspeaker.

With the Audiphone, you will be able to hear more clearly when others are talking to you. Headset is recommended to obtain the best result.

Using the Microphone, you can simply make karaoke by plugging the line from your speakers into the headset jack, without a real microphone.

Even, when you need a loudspeaker, for example, to give a notice to all the others in your office or to make attention to others where is noisy, this will help make your voice louder and thus make others hear more clearly.

Of course, do not expect the sound by a real loudspeaker, but at least, this makes some posibility to have it in your iPhone/iPod.

50% OFF, ONLY TODAY. Hope you will enjoy it!


☆ 3-in-one virtual devices:
   - Audiphone 
   - Microphone 
   - Loudspeaker 
☆ support Headset for Audiphone
☆ press the Volume buttons to control the volume
☆ volume rendering, auto warning for howling
☆ shake to shuffle the skin with friendly motion effects
☆ other features
   - support auto start the device next time
   - auto blank the screen when your face is near, to save the energy (for Audiphone)
   - enable temporally turning off the selected device

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