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Photo LED Paint for iPad
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Updated! Photo LED Paint 2.1 was announced with MORE exciting new FEATURES and the SAME PRICE.

Import photos from your Photo Album and generates Light-Bright based pictures in one second.

√ This app was selected in What's Hot by Apple editorials.

Create Light-Bright with your fingers! LED Paint for iPad is an HD version specially designed for iPad.

Turn your iPad into a light-bright painting board, drawing a picture using the LED lights. You can also import a photo and generate light-bright picture automatically. Imagine what it would be like, using a so big iPad screen!

With this small application, you can draw every kinds of pictures, such as text based or ad painting board like ones... After finishing the design, you can save your creation into the photo album by clicking the action button and share it with your family and friends...


* draw with LED
* colorful LED (numerous colors)
* import from photo album
* save project to photo album
* shake to clear paint board
* full screen paint board
* auto orientation

* eraser tool
* Light-Bright mode

In the Light-Bright mode, the LEDs are stuck in place, as in restricted to perfectly aligned rows and lines... that way you can create some cool pixel art stuff and it would be easier for precise drawing.


1. Launch the application by clicking the LED Paint icon.

2. Bottom side panel is the toolbar. Push and slide on the color panel to change the color, you can see the selected LED on the left.

3. Click or drag your finger on the area outside of the toolbar to start design.

4. Click the LED in front of the color panel to switch modes (free draw or light-bright).

5. Click the Eraser icon to erase or reset the LED lights by touching the screen.

6. Click the Action button and select 'Import from Photo Album' to choose a photo and generate light-bright automatically.

7 After finishing the design, click the Action button on the bottom right corner to save your creation. Select 'Clear Painting Board' to clear current and restart the design.

8. Shaking the iPad may also clear the paiting board.

9. Place to landscape orientation to start landscape design.

10. 2-finger touch to toggle the toolbar and status bar.

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