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 LightBox Lite
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A practical toolbox full of lights - Instant flashlights, Dynamo light, SOS and so on.

Please check this app before you buy any other light related applications. (always FREE for this edition)

[What are in the BOX]

This little box brings you several kinds of lights by simply clicking the icons from the selection panel.

* Flashlights (instant white)
  - classic
  - focus

* Funny light
  - dynamo

* SOS light
  - flash (soundable)

[Quick Start]

* Select a Light Style
  - click the light name (say 'Flashlight' or 'SOS') on the bottom toolbar to launch the selection panel
  - click the item you prefer

* Change Brightness
  - slide on the brightness area in the bottom toolbar, or
  - slide horizontally on the light area (outside the bottom toolbar)

* Change Color
  - slide on the color area in the bottom toolbar, or
  - slide vertically on the light area (outside the bottom toolbar), or
  - shake your iPhone/iPod to shuffle the color

* Make Some Noise (sound may vary or be not applicable based on the selected light)
  - click the Horn icon to switch the sound on or off

* Lock to avoid accidential touches
  - click the Lock icon to enable or disable the adjustment (thru shake or slide the light area) for the accidential touches.

* Switch to Super-Bright Mode
  - just make a two-finger click on the light area :)

* Show Help
  - click the 'i' icon on the left top in the selection panel

[Useful Tips for Special Lights]

* Focus
  - useful when you need only a ray of light or the iPhone/iPod has a little power energy
  - two-finger click on the light area to quickly switch between the focus mode and full screen mode

* Dynamo
  - a funny light style simulating a real dynamo flashlight
  - shake your iPhone/iPod to generate the 'electricity'
  - the more quickly you shake, the more light you will get


To get the best result, please set your iPhone/iPod screen brightness to the maximum through the Settings application.

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